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15 Brilliant tips for moving to another apartment
05 July

15 Brilliant tips for moving to another apartment

When moving packing is a task that most people dread but is an unfortunate necessity.

When moving ‘packing’ is a task that most people dread but is an unfortunate necessity.

However, many people simply hire a moving service to do the dirty work for them -- and that may be the best idea.

If you decide to do it yourself here are few tips that could be of help:

1. First of all you would need to set apart some days to pack your belongings (because except you are a packing expert you cannot pack and move yourself in just one day).

2. To make packing easier, separate the things you would be taking to the new house from the junks you would be leaving behind.

3. Carton boxes would come in very handy, you would need to get some to box up your fragile and personal stuff.

4. Carefully arrange items into boxes accordingly e.g pack bathroom items together, pack kitchen utensils together, pack baby toys together etc.

5. Make sure you label each of the boxes properly so as to know box content at a glance and to know where to find what.

6. Separate breakables from unbreakable and label the breakables as ‘fragile’ so that whoever is carrying it would apply extra care.

7. When packing your belongings into a carton put the heavy things under and the light things on top to create proper balance.

8. Do not mumble up things, pack personal things with personal things and general things with general.

9. After packing search for a truck that would transport your belongings; ensure the truck is big enough to pack all your belongings at once so that you would not have to pay for two trips.

10. After sourcing for truck make sure you’ve had something to eat…loading the truck isn’t going to be a joke.

11. If you are moving long distance ensure the truck is in good shape so that it doesn’t break down on the road (truck breakdown could expose your belongings to risk of theft).

12. If you wouldn’t be going along with the truck ensure a representative goes with the driver so that your belongings don’t get missing in transit.

13. While leading the truck to your new place ensure you are not the one driving because you would need to save all the energy you can for offloading.

14. Finally you’ve arrived at your new place! While offloading ensure you put boxes/items in their appropriate rooms e.g baby things in baby’s room, kitchen things in kitchen. DO NOT offload everything in one room otherwise you would be doubling the stress of offloading.

15. Lastly, unpack. This could take about a week, depending on how much your belongings are…(Remember to ask for few days off work as you would need it to recover from the packing stress).

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Funke Olorunyomi, Operations Manager.

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