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Terms and conditions for your move!


1. By accessing/navigating/examining our website or otherwise “using” this website, substitutes your acceptance to our terms and conditions set forth. These are the terms and conditions of Relocate NG set forth as an agreement/online agreement between the Carrier (Relocate NG) and the Client (you).


2. Paying for your move

Payment method - online bank transfer, online payment via our website or you can go to the bank to make payment into our bank account. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENT.

Payment is to be made at least three (3) days before your moving date.

Please note: payment covers ONLY our services; it does NOT cover road use charges or ANY external charges such as: your estate gate fees, ‘area boys’ settlement etc.

3. Quotation

Quotation is valid for 30days only.

4. False declaration

After we receive your payment one of our representatives would be sent to conduct an inspection at the address provided so as to know the size of truck to bring for your move. During inspection, if we discover that your apartment has more rooms than you declared/paid for, you would have to make the appropriate balance payment. However if you insist on getting a refund, a flat rate of N30,000 inconvenience fee would be deducted from your payment and balance would be refunded.


5. Date change

We work in good faith to provide our services to our customers and do understand that circumstances do change. We do not charge date change fees. Should your intended move date change please do let us know at least 24 hours to your move, either by a phone call or an email, so that we can try to accommodate you and so that we can fill the void in our schedule and mitigate the potential losses this could cause. However, in the case whereby you fail to notify us about your date change within 24 hours to your move, you would have to pay a N10,000 flat rate inconvenience fee.


6. Cancellations

Once payment is made you can either move on the date booked for or you can choose to change the booked date to a preferred date by giving us at least 24hours notice to your move, either by a phone call or email.


In the case whereby you need to entirely cancel your move, you would also have to give us at least 24hours notice to your move; this means if you have to notify us a day to your move it must be done before 12noon at most, so as to get a full refund. However, if you fail to notify us at least 24hours to your move, a N30,000 flat rate inconvenience fee would be deducted from your payment and only balance would be refunded.


Also, If we arrive at your apartment after we have agreed on your move date and you decide to change your mind or choose to cancel the move for one reason or the other, a N30,000 flat rate inconvenience fee would be deducted from your payment and only balance would be refunded.


All refunds are made within three (3) business days.


7. Wall damage

In the case whereby items do not properly fit, we would not be liable for damage done to hallways, stairwells, or doorways. Client agrees to accept responsibility for any damage resulting from trying to fit items in or out of premises.


8. Damage

Our staff are well-trained to handle fragile and breakable items. Relocate NG ensures client belongings are handled with utmost care and delivered safely. However, in the case whereby there is a damage for whatever reason, Relocate NG would not be liable.

Doing business with Relocate NG means you agree to this term and condition.

9. Inspection of truck at conclusion of move

It is clients responsibility to conduct a thorough inspection of boxes and other belongings, as well as the truck, to ensure none of clients belongings have been inadvertently left in the truck - before it pulls off!


10. Changes can be made/added to this agreement at any time.



1. Disconnection or reconnection of washing machine or any appliance. Our movers are not plumbers, nor do they have certification to properly handle appliances. Relocate NG offers an add-on service called the ‘un-installation & re-installation service that allows us provide professional technicians to client for their disconnections and reconnections upon request. Client agrees to accept responsibility for any and all damage, should they insist that our movers un-install or hook up an appliance. Relocate NG would not be liable for any fire, water, electrical or other related damage resulting from the disconnection or reconnection of any appliances by our movers. Client agrees to accept liability for any damage arising out of the disconnection or reconnection of appliances including but not limited to washing machines, refrigerators, icemakers or coffee makers even if client requires, requests, permits or allows our movers to perform such services.

2. Property warranty: Client warrants all driveways, walkways, bricks, steps, pavers, tiles, decks and floors are of sufficient strength and structure to permit safe moving. Client agrees to empty out all unfinished attic areas, themselves. Our movers are NOT permitted in unfinished attics and will not be held responsible for any items left behind in these areas. Client should not tender any hazardous material or chemical to our movers. Client accepts responsibility for any personal or property damage as a result of this warranty. 

3. Unforeseen contingencies: Relocate NG is not responsible for any unforeseen contingencies including but not limited to: traffic, weather, construction and other factors that are beyond our control.

4. Valuables: Relocate NG ensures client belongings are handled with utmost care and delivered safely. However, it is client’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their jewelry, money, stocks, bonds, precious metals, legal documents, laptops, mobile phones and other items with personal value. We recommend these items be transported by Client. Relocate NG would have no responsibility whatsoever for these items.

5. Securing gate pass etc. It is the client’s responsibility to have secured their ‘estate gate pass’ or any other thing that estate management may require to move in or out of the estate especially when we have to come or leave at very early hours of the morning or late at night. Any delays due to client’s omissions will not be our responsibility. 

6. Pet: Client is responsible for the transportation of their pets, we DO NOT transport dogs or any pets.

7. We DO NOT transport diesel powered generators. Client would be responsible for transporting client's diesel powered generator as our moving service does not include crane services. By paying for our service client agrees that Relocate NG would NOT be responsible for transporting client's diesel powered generators and would not ask our staff to move nor dismantle generator for any reason because our staff are mere movers and not technicians.


8. We do not transport hazardous items or chemicals/flammables including but not limited to fuel, diesel, gas. Relocate NG cannot carry anything flammable on the truck. Client warrants that all propane tanks and dangerous chemicals will not be given to movers to move whether boxed or unboxed. Client also agrees that if an item is found to be flammable, it would be left behind and would be the responsibility of client to transport to destination. Gasoline in generator or any other equipment cannot also be put on truck unless the equipment has been drained completely.


Doing business with 'Relocate NG' means you agree to all our terms and conditions.